Two little ducklings - Polar Bear Height Chart

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A contemporary and fun design, this height chart allows you to record your child’s growth for many years. The height chart measures 30cm x 120cm, and the measurements begin at 50cm and go to 160cm, it is printed in Australia on a removable and repositionable adhesive decal.


When applying your decal please ensure you clean the walls first with a warm damp cloth, do not use soap or cleaning agents (these may damage your decal). Once your walls are completely dry the height chart can be applied. The decal must be adhered to a smooth, indoor surface, do not use outdoors or on rough surfaces. We advise having some help to apply your decal, use the ruler supplied to get accurate positioning. Place one corner on the wall and slowly smooth the decal onto the wall, being careful to not create air bubbles. As it is removable it can easily be repositioned if need be. Keep the backing sheet in case you would like to remove and reposition your decal. This decal has been designed to avoid damage to your walls, however please be mindful if you have just painted to allow up to three months before applying. Do not apply to freshly painted walls.Please note due to heat and lighting your decal may lift at the edges, simply press down firmly on the affected areas.